About Featured Species

Welcome to Featured Species!

A while back, I decided it was about time that I started learning how to identify some of my closest neighbours, both flora and fauna. I’m going to regularly feature plants and animals that I find (mostly locally in Southern Ontario), present some interesting facts about them, and provide some basic ways to identify them. I had previously done this on my other site, but decided to move this feature over here.

A few warnings: IMG_20130727_163142

1. I am not an expert. Please tell me if I’m wrong. I frequently am. I’m honestly just learning about these things. I will provide better sources for information at the end of each post. If you’re doing a research paper, please go somewhere else.

2. Most of the photos will be taken with a camera phone. ’nuff said.

3. I will provide a little story about each of these species and how I found it. My interest is in getting people (and I include myself here) comfortable with nature, and cold, hard facts just don’t do that for me.

If those few warnings haven’t turned you away yet, then welcome! I hope you will stick around. Please engage with me. I love comments! Tell me about your experiences with these species. Send me your links? Let’s talk!


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